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Navigating Electrical Emergencies

There is nothing funny or amusing about experiencing an electrical emergency at your home. You will be concerned about what is happening, as you may not have any previous experience in such situations. Perhaps the first sign that you noticed of the emergency was that you were getting a burning smell from one of your rooms.

You went into that room and it did not make sense that you were smelling burning. There was nothing hot that you were using that would create such a smell. But then you got closer to one of the electrical sockets in your room and you had a realization that it was coming from the socket.

Now you are panicking because you know that a socket that keeps burning is eventually going to catch fire and create an even more significant problem. You will have to hire an electrician in Pigeon Forge, TN if you are to get to the bottom of this matter. But you must take precautions before that person even gets the chance to arrive at your home.

The first step in this process is not to call an electrician but to shut off the power to the room where the problem is occurring. You must find your breaker and ensure you are shutting off the power to that space. Then your room where the burning was happening is safe, as the power goes out and that crackling from the electrical outlet will stop.

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Sometimes you can flip the breaker after an hour, not run any appliance, and you will be fine. But you should not take that risk. The much better solution is to hire a professional and see if they can come to your aid in this matter. Then you will be in a position where you are able to safely run appliances in those rooms.